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    a few questions. new phone


    I just got my i760 about 3 weeks ago, and i have a few questions about settings i cant find any answers to/ if they have answers.

    1. Is there a setting that allows a repeatable sound for SMS messages? I cant get the tone to repeat or anything just make a light blink or something like that i cant always see/ hear

    2. When switching sometimes from vertical viewing to horizontal viewing the screen goes black at the top when in horizontal. i didnt know if there was a software update that fixes it or its just a little annoyance that just happens.

    3. Is there a way to just have the screen turn off, but when you recieve a message or something it turns back on? the only way it would turn back on is if i received a call or i hit the light button.

    Thanks for any help. hopefully ill get the problems solved!


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    1. nothing that is standard on the phone will do this... I don't know if some other apps would though.

    2. More details needed. does this happen on the Today screen, on a certain program, etc?

    3. Nope. many topics on this on the forum already; and you being a noob... Take advantage of the search feature; you'll find a ton of info on it.

    Welcome to the family though!

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