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    Battery Malfunctioning?

    I generally keep my i760 in my left front pants pocket... all by its lonesome and without any sort of case (the Navy doesn't allow you to wear a personal cell phone on your belt when you're in uniform). Last week, at around 9 in the morning, I was talking to a co-worker when I suddenly noticed that my i760 was suddenly quite warm... not uncomfortably hot, but significantly warmer than usual. I immediately took the phone out to see what was going on, and noted that it was still in sleep mode (as expected). When I woke the phone up, I was stunned to see that the battery gauge indicated that the extended battery was less than 1/3 full, even though it had been fully charged when I took the phone of the charger at 7. I popped off the battery, and it was definitely warmer than usual, though it had no bulges or other distortion, or any other discernible abnormality. I replaced the battery, noted that nothing else seemed to be amiss, and chalked it up to gremlins. Around noon, the "low battery" warning went off, and I again noted that the battery was unusually warm. I stopped by my Verizon dealer (he's very competent) that evening, and he wasn't sure what had happened, since the phone was still working, and the battery took a charge without problems. His advice was to see if the problem recurred. Well, it did: a day or so later, the same problem cropped up, and has happened several times over the last several days. The phone seems to be working properly, otherwise, and the battery seems to be charging OK. And, oh, by the way: I haven't changed the phone's configuration in months.

    I normally get at least a full day's use out of the extended battery, and sometimes as much as a day and a half. My normal habit is to put the phone on the charger when I go to bed, and to take it off the charger just before I leave for work. I've done things this way since I got the phone back in November.

    I have some familiarity (through my work) with the hazard of thermal runaway with lithium batteries. However, every instance of thermal runaway I've seen caused the battery to get extremely hot (and sometimes burst into flames), and resulted in a useless, warped battery. So, I'm not convinced that I've experienced a runaway.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on?

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    A similar thing happened to me last week. My extended battery, which usually gets through a day no problem, drained in a few hours. I didn't notice any unusual heat, but it was sitting on my desk at work at the time so it may have gotten hot without me noticing. I let it recharge overnight that night and it hasn't happened since.

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