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    Question Ear and Spearphone Volume Too loud

    I was wondering if anyone had this issue with their i760. When I am talking on the phone, I have to turn down the volume to the lowest setting because people sound so loud that the clarity is distorted, kinda like when you have the speakers too loud, there is a distortion and trembling in the sound. When I switch to the speaker phone, I have the same problem, they come across too loud even when the volume is set at the lowest setting. I tell people to speak away from their phone's mic and I have a better sound coming through. If they speak in their normal volume, it's too loud. At first I thought it was my wife's phone, but I also get this phone everyone else. So, is my unit's speaker tweaked too high and I need to replace it, or is that how it is?

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    I know mine can be that way, but when the speaker phone is turned down to its lowest, it sounds clear.

    And if I need it to be so loud that I have to have the speaker phone all the way up, I just accept the distortion because the sound is very very loud. But I guess I accept this because all my old phones had speaker phones that were so quiet they were unusable.

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    Persoanly, I love the fact that this phone can go that loud

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