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    Program installation help

    Hi there. After browsing the forums for a while, I noticed a few people mentioned that they install all of their applications on their device, and save the storage card for things like pics and movies etc... Is this the recommended way of doing things, or will having too much of the device memory filled slow the phone down? If I do install everything to the device, how much free memory should I leave before I decide to delete programs or start installing to the card?


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    Mike5150, First off "5150"LOL..Ok, Some programs will only install on the device and others will install on the extended memory. I install my main stuff on the device like the Alarm as I need it badly to work all the time<no pun intended,lol
    Just like a computer I leave 10% minimum so the programs can work efficiently. I will use the 2GB external memory card for all other applications including games I also make a folder on the ext. memory named "Downloads" for which I keep all my programs backed up to including the pim.vol contacts file and a complete backup of the device once I get everything installed that I want and all works well. I hope this was some help.
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