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    Store e-mail on phone


    I am trying to setup my e-mail so that I have all the e-mail I want on both my phone and computer. I can sync the e-mails via ActiveSync, but then they go to a different folder on my phone than the e-mail account that is actually setup to send/receive from the phone. If I don't sync, then when I download the e-mail on my computer and I send/receive from my phone, all of the inbox is cleared out.

    1) Can I set it to save the e-mails on my phone after receiving? I assume it checks the server every time I send/receive and removes the ones that are no longer on the server (b/c my computer's Outlook removes them from server after downloading).

    2) Can I sync e-mail between Outlook on my computer w/ my phone so that they are all in the same account on my phone? In other words, I don't want to have to use my custom setup account to send/receive, but then sync and all my e-mails go to the "Outlook" folder.

    I hope this is clear- thanks a lot

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    Question sorry, dont quite get it

    CaZeek, i'm not sure i follow you.
    You are talking about Activesync, not wireless sync, right?
    Are you getting emails onto your phone in some other way besides/instead of Activesync?

    The reason i ask is that i thought you have to have your emails already stored in Outlook or Outlook Express in order to have Activesync put them onto your phone. And i thought Activesync will put them into the same folders you have in Outlook or OE.

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