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    Anyone know the MMS settings for Palm threaded messaging?

    Anyone know the verizon MMS settings for Palm threaded messaging? Im trying to get picture messaging to work out

    Thanks everyone

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    tmushy, Welcome to the Forum!
    As a new member we would like you to read the FAQ's and Stickies above the Forum as there is a lot of answers to already asked questions.
    Also, if that won't yield your answer then use the "Search" at top right. If your question is not answered then by all means post it. Sometimes Googling it will also yield answers. This will reduce the amount of duplicate post's and therefore make it easier for others to find there answers. Thanks, JASTECH
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    is that an automated reply jastech? I see you posting that all over the place... but anywho... tmushy: do you want to know about the threaded sms progam or do you want to know how to send mms messages? your post was a bit confusing...

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