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    Low Then High Ringtone

    I did some searching before posting, however most of the posts on this issue are back from January, without much more.

    I'm sure most of us have this problem or have read about it, the ringtone starts low, then boosts to a louder volume.

    I'm using custom mp3 ringtones in the My Ringtones folder. I've tried converting them to wma, and I'm wondering if I should reduce the bitrate to reduce the file size, they're about 500 KB. From what I can gather, this is a Samsung quirk, not a bug, that they have purposely implemented into the phone, I'm just looking for some sort of "hack" to fix it.

    Any fix to this, it's the one thing about this phone that bugs the snot out of me.

    P.S. While I'm here...
    Any decent free alarm programs out there? I used the alarm to wake me up this morning and it had no snooze which really felt like .... well, you fill in the blank, but it was not a happy feeling. I may have just been really tired and missing the obvious, and I haven't tried it since, but I figured maybe someone might know something and I can avoid starting a new thread after spending an hour reading and getting nowhere with the search function :p.

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    Not sure about the ringtone issue; the ringtones that I've made do this also, though its never really bothered me.
    As far as the alarm, I am using ALC2007 and I am pleased.

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