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    Media Player Question

    Hi all,

    I've been using my WMP more recently and have noticed something different between the 760 and my old 730.

    When I pause the program and hit the okay button on my 760, I lose my song playing and the entire song list. This never happened on my 730. I could close and open it as many times as I wanted and it would never lose the song I was on or the list (unless I removed it from the running programs of course).

    Does anyone know a way to make my 760 work like my old 730?


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    I'm not familiar with WMP as I really don't use it except to stream Sirius.

    Have you considered trying some other audio players? There are some great choices that I think offer more versatility and options.

    Try one of these

    MortPlayer - PocketPCFreeware : MortPlayer 3.31 b69 (RC8.1)
    GSPlayer - PocketPCFreeware : GSPlayer 2.28
    S2P - (2 May 200 S2P v0.40 - Slide2Play - Reborn - xda-developers
    and of course TCPMP, but I use if for video mainly. - PocketPCFreeware : TCPMP (ex-BetaPlayer) 0.72RC1

    I know that MortPlayer and TCPMP save your last spot (and I think the others may as well)
    Of course, if you still want to use WMP I hope someone can help you.
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