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    Recent Call List

    From the today screen...when you push the green send button the dial pad comes up and on top of that the last three calls are listed. The left soft key is labeled "Hide Keypad". Under Menu and then View; "Calls and Contacts" always has the dot by it. I can select one of the other two choices but the next time I come back and hit the green button from the home screen I always get the dial pad and the last three calls. Any way to not have the dial pad show up at all? I'd rather have a list of the last 10 calls come up instead.

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    Lightbulb how about using the menu from Today?

    since you want to see recent calls and you dont want the dialpad, why not just use the right softkey Menu from the Today screen? Under Menu/Call History, you get the list (altho i only get 7.5 per screen, not ten). You can call them or send txt msg, or see history of calls to that number.

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