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    PDAPhoneHome Mobile Site?

    Ok...I know everyone out there will say "Search for it Dummie!", but you try searching this site for " +mobile +pdaphonehome " and see how many hits you get!

    I used to have it bookmarked, but in one of my 10,000 hard resets, I must have lost it.

    Shouldn't it be perminantly in the "LINKS" section? or even load automatically when you go to www.pdaphonehome.com from your phone?

    I'm just looking for the link. Thanks guys...
    (P.S. After seeing all the cool new iPhone 3G videos, I'm sooo tempted to go to what could now be called "The Dark Side"... No Hard Resets for that puppy).

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    Here is a link to the relevant thread:

    PDA Friendly Forum Skin - Public Beta

    I always forget where it is located as well. You can find it under the "Site News, Problems, and Suggestions" forum.

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