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Thread: Texts over 160

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    Texts over 160

    Before I get someone yelling at me to SEARCH, I did and i can't find anything..
    I know that you can't text over 160 and I'm fine with that but what happens to the other message when it goes over? Most phones just send you an other text message with the rest of the text message (ex: message has 185 words you would get 2 text's) well mine gives me the first message then I get a second saying that I can't get it. I also just tried to send myself a 2 page text and I got something back saying message can not be sent and I only got the 1st page.

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    JohnP007, Try using the "Search" j/k...Actually it was talked about in this forum so it depends on how you word it in the "Search". I would say it's VZN stopping it at the switches. My wife has a LG something and is always texting. She use to send and receive over the 160 and not it stops and does what you said above. She has not done anything to the phone so it must be VZN. I used the "Search" and came up with this.

    Text (SMS) messages over 160 characters
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