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Thread: Spb question???

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    Spb question???

    I have Spb Mobile Shell, Pocket Plus & Phone Suite and was wondering is there any need for the Spb time and/or weather program? I have no problem using the alarm clock built into my phone and w/the shell I get the weather but is there any added benifit to my current Spb programs if I buy time and/or weather???

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    Having SPB Time in your mix adds next alarm info into the Mobile Shell sceen plus it has a lot more timers and such that are useful for time managememt. Using SPB Weather allows you to change your forecast provider allowing you access to a larger city database then the one built into Mobile Shell the new cities you pick would be displayed in Mobile Shell. That's useful if you travel alot.

    So I guess it really depends on how you use your phone to decide if these added features are useful enhancement to SPB Mobile Shell.

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