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    Need to diable wirelesssync's email "push"!!!

    Ok. For those in my family that don't have exchange servers, I'm trying to set up the following:

    1. Have WirelessSync "push" all contacts and calender items to their phones and vice-versa so that they are "synced".

    2. DISABLE WirelessSync's email push

    3. Enable a direct connection to their POP3 email service using Verizon's SMTP server (works on my i760 but I can't seem to get it to work on my father's TOUCH). Either that, or use MobiPush.

    My problem is that even though in settings I have unchecked the "EMAIL" box on WirelessSync's website, the computer is still pushing emails through. I also cannot get rid of the default "OUTLOOK" account on the phone as WirelessSync is mandating that.

    I have also tried the registry edit settings I found on another thread but it didn't do anything except that my wife's phone now gets those syncerror emails every 30 seconds now (very annoying).

    So...can anyone tell me how to actually disable email push with wirelesssync, and 2...to get rid of the OUTLOOK account type?

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    I have the same question. I guess the answer is "NO", there is no way to disable Outlook email push. I just got of the phone with Verizon support.

    Wireless sync has also slowed my Treo 700WX down significantly. It was running just fine until I tried wireless sync. Nice ideal. Poor implementation.

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    You could try using Outlook to access the email box directly if it supports IMAP4. (Gmail does)

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