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    Complete frustration with youtube and this i760

    I've tried Internet Explorer. I've tried Opera Mini (w/ that java install), now I'm using Opera 9.5, the latest beta.
    I can NOT for the life of me get any youtube video to play.

    If I go to the regular youtube site in opera, I see no video listed. The whole page is there, comments, links, etc, but no video to click on or play.

    If I go to the youtube mobile site, and try to load a video, windows media player opens, and gives that familiar error and doesn't play the video.

    Any suggestions? It should not be this difficult to get youtube videos to play on this phone.

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    ... already searched and found the pocket ie extensions & flv codecs for TCPMP that allow you to play youtube videos, right?

    ...or if you want to buy coreplayer, it does a great job with youtube.

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    There was just a thread on this, probably here on the first few pages. Just search for youtube and you'll find your answer(s). There is not yet a WM browser that supports flash - of course one is supposed to come out soon (Skyfire) ...

    * it's like 4 threads down from your post - wow no searching just looking was required c'mon man
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    Okay, folks, let's stop the name-calling. I get enough of that at home between my small children. Plus, all the name-calling does is start a flame war, which doesn't help anyone.

    bodean, the others are right. A simple search of "youtube" yields roughly 3 1/2 pages of results.

    I've added to the FAQs links to a few of the youtube threads that, to me, seem to be the most pertinent and helpful. If anyone thinks I missed a thread that should be added to the FAQs, please send me a PM.

    I'm now going to delete the nonhelpful, offending posts in this thread and close this thread.
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