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    slow program response

    hello. i have recently bought an i760 and it worked well until yesterday. After fiddling with a fix for active sync (a pc-cillin problem that is resolved which did not allow a sync to occur) i installed epocrates (a drug reference program( and couple of songs. now my battery lasts about 8 hrs on standby and all programs including answering the phone are VERY slow (a good 5-6 sec. delay). the only program running as best as i can tell is Contacts (is this normal). i have 15 mb memory free. any suggestions. maybe resetting. at this point i am feeling like its another typicall windows conflict just like a computer. thanks

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    You try a soft reset yet??

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    Welcome to PDAPhoneHome.com, mfulton867. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend you read the FAQs that appear in the banner forum (the yellow header at the top of the thread list). They contain a lot of info on the i760, as well as links to threads with some additional good info.

    As strangelifemike suggested, the first step is to try soft resetting the i760 and see whether that brings it back to normal speed. Also, be sure any custom ringtones you are using are stored to the Device, not the Storage Card. If those two things don't help, let us know.
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