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    Just hard reset, need a new app.

    I just hard reset my phone and took a lot of crap off my phone that I never use anyway. I am looking to re-load it with one "have to have application" that users post here.

    Installed applications:
    SPB Pocket Plus
    SOTI Pocket Controller
    z2 Remote2PC
    TomTom Navigator 6
    Sprite Backup
    Wireless Sync
    Live Search
    Hudson Mobile Phone Dashboard

    Programs I've tried and do not like:
    PhoneAlarm (too much today screen info)
    WifiWMRouter (Doesn't work with Vista and it drains the battery)
    Anything by SBSH Software. (Too complicated)
    SPB Mobile Shell (didn't try it, but I like my bare today screen)

    iLauncher was the only thing I used from SBSH. The new version is just way too comprehensive and, the older version that I have won't let my phone completely boot up. So, a good alternative would be nice.

    What I am really looking for is one of those programs that you "cannot do without" such as I found with Live Search.

    Thanks for your input.

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    A thread similar to this one was started prior to the i760's release. There was some good discussion in it. The thread appears here: Must Have Programs for i760. I'm going to close this thread. Please continue the discussion in that thread.

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