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    Searched, no luck. PHM Reg Editor wont work, help.

    Hello, I'm a newbie to smartphones. I've had my 760 now for a month and a half or so. 2 problems I'm having, can't find anything when searching.

    1) Installed PHM Registry Editor. When I open the program, it shows HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

    When i open any of the above to view the "Values", the screen is blank ,just a white screen, and the same goes for "Keys."
    Is Verizon blocking my ability to view or edit the registry?

    2) I have installed Advanced Configuration Tools and selected "Clock" rather than "Battery" in the title bar. Yet my phone still shows the battery.
    Is Verizon blocking my ability to change the battery to the clock?

    Are these two problems both related to possible Verizon blocks? It seem some unknown force is prohibiting me from changing anything in my phone.

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    I am by no means an expert on reg editing on WM6... but there should be a small "+" next to the entries you mentioned, if you click the plus it should open up a larger list of subkeys.

    I can't answer your second question.. but hopefully this help with the reg editing...

    Good Luck!

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