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    No ring on imcoming call

    Over the past few months, I noticed every once in awhile a missed call or message notification when I know the phone was with with me and the phone radio on. Today my wife called a couple of times. No ring. I called from my office phone to the i760, no ring. Soft reset and it works fine. Any ideas.

    Note to forum police: This is not a "delayed ring", "soft ring", or any other kind of ring problem already discussed. This is "no ring" that gets fixed with a soft reset.

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    What Apps are on your phone? I have seen this happen to SMS on my phone when I'm using PocketCM a lot.

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    Is it the same for your BT? Or does it not ring too? I have had that problem with mine and while using the Aliph Jawbone BT. This was talked about in part of another thread but I can't remember where. Mine still does it now and then and I get the tone that I have voice mail.
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