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    The Phone I Hate to Love

    Fair warning this is a bit of a rant...

    I've had my i760 for 6 months now and I LOVE it!!!! But I HATE it almost as much!

    1. I know there are bluetooth issues, but to have to turn on handsfree every time I use the headset is ridiculous (I only have the one bluetooth device to connect too!)

    2. Messaging just stopped working (actually stopped starting). Woke up one morning to find that Messaging would not start - even after several resets and even in safe mode. So I had to hard reset...

    3. After the hard reset the touch screen is "off" at the bottom of the screen, even after aligning it 10 times. Finally after about 4 times of "tricking" the alignment by intentionally missing the + it's close - I don't want close though!

    4. IMAP just stops working?! So finally decide deleting that account and create a new one with the same settings and it works - ugh another hour wasted.

    5. Voice Command that works when it wants too not when I want it to work.

    6. Oh yeah try to read the screen on a sunny day!

    Until the Messaging/Hard Reset episode I loved the phone, didn't have one issue. Since then it's a completely different phone. Little things hear and there are driving me crazy. But I will not give up on it yet -- it's my first (pda/phone) after all.

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    Sir, you might call VZW and see if they'll exchange it, especially if you have the insurance. Especially with the screen issue, that sounds like it could be bad hardware.

    Yes, that's what I'd do. Try it and get back with us, I'm looking at getting an i760 in the future if I can.

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    I don't have insurance

    And the phone has already been replaced one time, I doubt they would do it again. The screen worked fine until the hard reset.

    Even with all my recent issues I'd recommend this phone. BUT I'd also recommend looking at what else it out there.. There seems to be a lot of cool units coming out now.
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