I use activesync 4.5 to sync my i760 to Outlook 2003 to my desktop (running win XP pro SP2). My i760 is not connected to the internet. However, i can compose an email on my i760 and "send" it. When i sync, Outlook on my desktop will send it to the desired recipient thru the internet. Also, if i delete an email on my i760, it will be deleted from Outlook when i sync.

However, when i read an email on my i760 that i had not read on my desktop, it shows as "read" in my i760, but still stays as "unread" in Outlook, even after i sync. On the other hand, emails that i read in Outlook do show as read on my i760.

Not a major problem, but this seems wrong. Anyone else have this situation, or know if this is a standard "feature" of AS? I may have to pull out my i730 and see how it worked there.