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    Need Some Suggestions...

    I hope I put this in the right place on the forum. I have a couple of questions I want to ask. They are mostly dealing with minor issues/annoyances that I have repeatedly come across and just need some helpful suggestions or answers:

    1. When using the #777 connection to the internet, is there a way to disconnect without having to go in to the "Wireless Properties" window and turn the phone off then back on?

    2. I bought a belt clip for the phone off of eBay for about $5. It works great. However, when I put the extended battery in the phone (1500mA), the thickness of the battery prevents the clip from attaching to the phone. Are there any cheap (~$10 or less) suggestions for this dilemma?

    3. A minor annoyance is when I am on a call, the screen shuts off. I understand this is a power-saving feature, but I would like the ability to instantly end a call onscreen after a long period of time. I have dug in to all the power settings and backlight settings and cannot figure it out.

    4. On my last phone, I was able to change the sound that noted when a TXT message arrived. Nowhere on this phone can I find a spot to assign a custom sound. IS there a spot to do that? I mean, I was able to find the custom rington section easy enough, but the TXT sound baffles me.

    After those, I am pretty happy with the phone thus far. I need to buy a microSD card and cradle charger, along with other minor miscelaneous accessories.
    I am also happy that I found this place where I can share/retrieve ideas and get overall customization tips on the phone I am using.

    Thanks in advance for the help/tips!
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    1) If I'm not mistaken, I believe after a certain amount of time of inactivity the internet connection shuts off. I don't think it takes any battery, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    2) Check eBay. The only thing I could find was for $15 and is a pouch. You can grab it here:
    Samsung i760 Horizontal Leather Case - (OEM) Original WT17200000140
    To be honest, protecting the phone is worth every penny to me. I'd rather pay $30-$50 for a great belt pouch that will never drop the phone then $5 for a cheap one that doesn't fit right and might cause it to fall out. It's a $500 phone, I don't mind dropping a few extra bucks to ensure it's longevity.
    Also, in my experience, holsters suck, and usually drop the phone (with the exception of one I had for my old Nextel Phone).

    3) Just use the hard-key. No reason to have to go onscreen. If you really want to change it, what you can do is go to Start -> Settings -> System Tab (on the bottom left) -> Power -> Power Save Tab (On the bottom in the middle). Change the option to "Dimming Only". Or you can just remove the check from "PDA goes to power save mode after voice call is connected for"

    4) Start -> Settings -> Sounds and Notifications -> Notifications Tab (on bottom left) -> Event - Change to "Messaging - New text message". You can change the sound there. I THINK you might need to drop the sound into the windows directory.

    Welcome to the forum and I hope I was helpful.

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    Yeah, the txt message sound has to be just in the Windows directory..

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    also, to auto disconnect, press and hold the Red phone button. You have to turn the phone back on though.

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    1) - It takes more battery power to disconnect and reconnect a connection than it does just to keep it at idle (which the phone does automatically). I suggest you keep it connected unless you are paying per minute.


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