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    today screen battery indicator

    Hi guys...recently i lost all of my data and I cant remember the program that i used that showed the battery indicator with the percentage it also showed the memory card and main memory...alll in a neat little bar on the today screen but i cant find it nor remember the name of it ...can someone help...do you have a similar program....................

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    Guessing you are talking about this:
    PocketPCFreeware : BatMemTime 4.1

    I used this on my i730 and loved it, but since getting PocketPlus I am addicted to the indicator bar at the top of my screen.

    @ below - yeah, imo PocketPlus just has some essential tools and enhancements. Many of which can be added with Freeware, but it's a great package imo.
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    SPB Pocket Plus has a battery indicator bar across the top of every screen, and icon indicators for the others (memory, etc.). Useful program.

    Phone Alarm will also do all of those things depending on which skin you use. It can even be used as a program launcher now.

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    I use Powerstatus.exe ... 4kb ... put the whole file in your "startup" file, soft reset the phone and you have a 1/16" bar across the top of the phone, left half (green) represents battery codition and right half (red) represents current memory usage. I've used it with WM2, 3, 4, 5, and WM6. Find it here, it's free
    Powerstatus 1.1 Windows Mobile Pocket PC freeware software mobile friendly download

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