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    Help with MicroSD Hack

    I'm a newbie here. I have looked through the threads but I am still confused, I downloaded the zip file and unzipped. I don't know what to do from there. It talks about copying but I don't understand how to do that.

    I have a file cabinet in my Documents file on my phone but I don't believe that is correct. Can someone please give me a step by step guide to set this up. Thanks in advance for the help!!!!!

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    I'm surprised no one offered help. Well I continued to google and I found this little gem of a program called "CABviaActiveSync" for us newbies. It works well even on vista try it out saved me tons of frustration. Here's the page I found it on: How to Install .CAB Files from Your Desktop | Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. Hope it helps us newbies!

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    Welcome to I hope you find the site as helpful and informative as I have.

    One of things we ask is that before posting a question, the member read the FAQs and search the site. The FAQs in this forum appear in the yellow banner at the top of the forum (red link). The search button is in the upper right hand portion of the forum.

    With respect to your question about the SDHack, the FAQs contain a link to the answer for your question. When you look through the FAQs, you'll find in Post#9 a list of commonly asked questions/issues and the links for the threads in which those questions/issues are discussed. Toward the bottom of the list is the following, which is relevant to your question:

    Hack that allows 4GB microSD (SDHC) card to be used with i760:
    4GB microSD HC
    And detailed instructions for installing that hack: samsung i760 4g hack
    If you clicked on the second link, instructions for installing SDHC hack, you'll find detailed instructions for installing the hack.

    One last thing, your made your second post less than 24 hours after you made your first. I recommend you give a question about 2 days (48 hours) before bumping your first post, especially if your first post was made on a weekend. In my experience, this forum has more activity during weekdays than during the weekend.

    I'm now going to go ahead and close this thread.
    The Fine Print:Nothing in this post (or any of my other posts) is intended to constitute legal advice or the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. For purposes of this forum, I'm just another nerd like you. :-)

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