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    Help me save my i760- otherwise it's trash!!

    So, I confess that I haven't looked through all the posts about each of my problems. It's honestly more time than I want to put into it at this point. I got the 760 and was thrilled with the possibilities, but now am just more frustrated overall. Next week I'm able to get credit on another phone, and I'm about to dump the 760 for the Dare. I know the Dare is not a smartphone, but I'm hoping a downgrade will allow for a more stable phone. Plus, work is going to be giving us crackberries very soon so I'm going to have a batbelt with all my devices.

    If you can help me with each of these issues, maybe I won't HAVE to dump the phone, but as it sits right now I can't live with the problems the way they are. If this stuff is just the way it is, then that makes my decision to dump it all the more easy.

    Here is my setup. i760: SPB PocketPlus, Phonealarm, Sprite Back up, SPB Weather. Bluetooth unit, Plantronics 610. Email from Comcast.net.

    1) Horrible battery life. 100% barely makes it to noon. That's with either battery. I'll make 2-3 short calls, read 2-3 emails and it's half dead.
    2) Won't take charge. Home charger works 1 out of 5 times, car works 1 for 3. It's really frustrating to plug your phone in at night, hear the sound for power chime, then leave the next day to find only 15% battery charge when it said 100 while plugged in.
    3) The phone doesn't ring. I've tried settings in PA, and gone back to default. The phone won't ring for calls, or sound for txts, just chime for emails. I miss calls all day cause I don't even know I'm getting them.
    4) Horribly slow response to menu selections, freezing screen, won't close, x button won't work.
    5) Memory always "clogged". I keep the photos and media on the SD card, but the memory always seems busy. It will range from 2-50 avaialble, I'll check to see what's open and running and there won't be anything. Stuff won't open or start sometimes due to insufficient memory to start.

    All the resetting/restarting is not a sufficient fix for me. I want a phone that works without having to futz with it all day just to get it do not die.

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    It really sounds like you just got a bad package. I'd ask for a new charger, and a new phone with new batteries and see what happens.

    Also, is the car charger one from VZW? If you bought a generic one, it won't work, which is probably your problem.

    Jumping back...
    If you have a bad charger, it could be ruining your battery, hence why it appears to be failing so poorly. Try the extended and see what happens.

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    Ditto. Sounds like a lemon. Get a new one.

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