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    2 quick questions about 6.1

    1) can i use my old pim.vol file to load my contacts on my newly updated phone?

    2) my previous themes no longer seem to want to work...something about the device not being a pocket pc 2002 device.

    Any help?

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    I don't know the answer to either of your questions. but I do have a question for you... have you ever successfully copied your old pim.vol over the new one after a hard reset? I tried it once but when I tred to copy/paste it on my phone it said it couldn't do it because the file was in use. then I tried to do it on the computer when I was connected to activesync it let me do it, but... when I did a soft reset my phone started going crazy. so my question is.. how do you copy your pim.vol over the current version?

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    Yes it can be done.. and from what I've read of others, the PIM.vol can be copied from a WM6 phone to a WM6.1 phone. I guess there are no changes in the PIM.VOL file between upgrades.
    As to how to do it, it s been a while since I did this.... You probably can't do it with the built in file manager, use something like Total Commander. And I don't think you can do it while connect to your PC, With active sync running it locks the Pim.vol file to sync the outlook data. By the same reasoning make sure you exit (not minimize) the Pocket Outlook, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts app or any other app that may be accessing it. As I've said in other posts, I'm partial to a program called PIMbackup because I can backup other things besides my PIM.vol info
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    The color-based themes in SPB Mobile Shell 2.0.0 didn't work, either for me.

    SPB came out with a 2.1.0 that fixed the issue.

    I think the locations of some of the files controlling backgound pic, header and footer color exc. changed from 6.0 to 6.1 and it got a little confused.

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