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    Just Got a new one- Help Please!

    Okay, So I have a new SCH-I760 waiting for me at home right now. I have never had a pda before, I have a Samsung Alias right now. I know that the update for Windows mobile 6.1 just came out. Im obviously unfamiliar with how to update the phones. Should I take the phone to Verizon first to have it activated on my account, or should I do the update first? I was reading the directions on the samsung website for the update and Im not sure how to really do it. Do I have to download it on to my PC(Windows XP) and then transfer it over to the I760? If someone could just give me some noob tips, I'd appreciate it. I'm new to this whole PDA thing, so I am bound to be searching around here or asking more questions in the future.
    Thanks, Jeff

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    hi Jeff, my suggestion for the first thing to do is determine if your phone already has WM 6.1. Some ppl have reported getting new phones with 6.1installed.

    Look in the faq and some of the stickies at the top of this forum to see how to look up ur version numbers & what they mean.

    If you need to install it, read the install thread here; i think that will be more helpful than Samsung's instructions.
    welcome and have fun!
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