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    WM 6.1 and N2A local weather patch

    Hey, I am new to these forums but I have been reading them a lot lately since I bought the i760 a couple of weeks ago. I just recently updated to WM 6.1 with not many problems but I can't seem to get the local weather patch for HTChome to work. HTChome works and the weather works but when I used the patch from xdadevelopers and reboot my screen freezes. I have tried the .cab from the universal patch, just replacing the home.dll file, and tried a prepackaged .cab with n2a already in it. Everything freezes my screen. Does anyone know how to fix this or is anyone else having this same problem??? Thanks

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    I got the same result. HTC weather would not update when I upgraded to WM 6.1 I recall patching the original installation somehow but I can not find it nor can I recall what I did originally to get the tab to update. I tried the latest xda cabs and hosed my phone. Hard reset after months of customization and smooth running minus weather updates. Crap... No answers for you though, sorry.

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