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    help with new phones pleasE!

    Hi, I just bought a brand new
    samsung i760 yesterday. I have found out I barely know how to work a windows mobile, I have had the following problems I need help with please, I would really appreciate the help

    1. WAnted Opera and apprarently doesnt work with the i760?
    yes or no? any alternatives?

    2. google maps keeps saying no connection even when I am connected to a
    high speed, good signal, wifi and can run a browser? I cant figure out why?

    3. DOwnloaded and installed windows mobile 6.1 and it says its a 6.1 in the device version and all the futures work except for the "windows vista" look, it looks exactly the same as 6.0 still? why?

    I would appreciate any help to a newbie to windows mobile

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    1- Opera will work, search the threads for install intrsuctions.

    2. google maps requires the EVDO data not just wifi. So the internet verizon provides. I would strongly recommend the unl data package for that. its 44.99 a month.
    3. Only smartphones(non touch screen) got the updated theme. Since the i760 runs windows mobile pro.

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