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    Unable to text!!!!

    I applied the WM6.1 update and had no problems. But now I cannot send or recieve text messages. Everytime I soft reset my phone it says i have several unread SMS messages but there is nothing in the inbox. I called Verizon and they were working with me for about 2 hours and could not figure it out. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you fix it?

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    Interesting you should mention that...

    Over the past few days my wife has sent me a few text messages that never came through. I never recieved any notification of any messages, so
    I assumed it was operator error (on her part), or just a bad service area when sent (and she didn't notice the "send unsucessful" message).

    I'll be paying closer attention over the next few and report back.

    Update: Tested today and text is working just fine.

    Sorry I was of no help.
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