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    Remote Desktop Connection

    I somehow managed to get away with upgrading to 6.1 with no issues, other than the freeze in the middle which required restarting. After it was smooth sailing.

    anyways, I can't figure out how this remote desktop connection thing works. I used to do this between my school laptop and desktop so I'm aware that my WAN IP has to be forwarded to my desktop, but that's as far as I can get. Any help?

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    Your desktop needs to have remote desktop enabled and any software firewalls setup to allow the ports to work.

    When you say it has been forwarded to your desktop did you do the specific remote desktop port? 3389 i believe.

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    I thought I'd jump in on this thread for some help. I have 6.1 installed (went without a hitch for me). I'm trying out remote desktop (RD) and am having trouble when using with VPN (if there's another thread on VPN...please direct..having trouble getting just VPN to show up in searches). If I thether to my PC and MY PC is running VPN I can connect no problem with RD. If I'm connected at work via wifi, RD works no problem. If I connect via verizon and start VPN no RD. I have verified that I am getting an IP address from the VPN and can see my session on the VPN, but RD cannot see the servers. Any tricks to help debug? Is there a ping utilitiy out there? I'm not real familar with VPN's, protcols, etc but have to believe that while connected there's something blocking transmissions between the 760 and my network? Thanks in advance

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