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    battery Charging Question I760

    Verizon rep says not to charge battery all night it damages phone. Also says no more than 30 minutes on car charger. Im trying to follow over clock insrtuctions found here. Battery usage seems to be a possible issue with overclocking. Any input appreciated.

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    Theoretical battery babying instructions that were REALLY relevant on NiCad batteries were less relevant on NiMH batteries and even less relevant on LiIon batteries. The charge time stuff is a good example.

    LiIon batteries are less susceptible to some of the old over-charging issues and much less susceptible to the full discharge needs of the older battery technologies. Ultimately, the chargers are supposed to control charging of lithium batteries based on the temperature of the cells, which is part of why all LiIon batteries have at least three contacts instead of the old batteries with a minimum of two. The battery enclosure (ideally) includes feedback of temperature for the charging logic to know when to shut down and/or go to trickle mode.

    Beyond that, LiIons have been found to have a more absolute number of recharges before they basically fall off a cliff and don't store power much any more - dropping quickly to half their original potential. NiMH and NiCad have a slower roll-off and it's not just affected by number of charges but how they're charged - and they can be "messed with" by a sophisticated charge / discharge cycle to make them last longer.

    All that to say... with a LiIon, just plug it in or don't. If you want it to last long, take it out and put it in the fridge. If you're going to use it, just plug it in and keep it charged and plan on replacing it every year.

    Sources of information: learning what it takes to keep battery powered RC cars and planes competitive from people and sources who know; those folks are DEEP into the guts of battery power and they're right... as proven on race day.

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