I'm a constant lurker on this site, and never really post because I'm not a programmer nor am I really that savvy when it comes to these phones, but I've been a member since The I700 was introduced. Well I followed the procedure to upgrade my I760 to 6.1 and it went ok, not flawless, but ok. After installing it, I noticed a few things. Battery life was shorter, memory leaks, not waking up sometimes when sleep, and not finding certificates for EXE files and having to soft reset to continue using it. After doing a bunch of searches, no one seems to have addressed my specific problem. So I took a few things that were suggested for other problems in the past with these devices and tried them. I didn't want to hard reset, I just hate configuring everything after I've gotten my phone just right. So when I got the message, I use I-Launcher, and was unable to access any of my programs, I went to the start menu, and to settings, then system, and noticed that I had to icons that say Phone Display. One is a black box, as if the icon is missing, and the other is a phone icon. I went to memory and noticed that it said i was using -33 meg, (negative) and that I only had .03 meg available for allocation. Well I went to the black box icon and clicked on it, and it was the voice command menu that came up. I deactivated it, and unchecked all that mess, and I'll be damn if that didn't work. I mean, it doesn't seem to leak memory, it doesn't seem to lock up anymore, and I haven't had a problem with it not recognizing certificates. Can someone with a little more experience validate this, or quiz me so maybe we can get to the bottom of this? Thanks, for your time. You guys are great.