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Thread: BT Headsets

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    BT Headsets

    I checked the forum but could not find anything concerning good BT Headsets.

    I have been checking out the BT Headsets at my local Verizon store, and quite honestly do not have a clue as to which one would work well with my I760.

    One of the VZW reps suggested the Plantronics 520 but I wasnt sure how comfortable it would be, as I have used a Motorola headset for years since my Treo days, but it finally gave out on me the other day and somthing new and updated would be nice.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what they like via thier experience, I would be more than grateful to hear about it.


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    Old school Motorola H550 (since in the tech world, a year or two IS considered "old school" IMO).

    The only down side is it's not the loudest out there. Since the earpiece doesn't go in your ear, just near it. You gotta position it just right to get full output.

    The up side... Price (about $15 on ebay)... battery life (easily goes a couple days of frequest use on one charge... durability (it's a solid lille unit - and if it breaks, I'll buy another for $15!)... and range (I've had my phone in a backpack in the trunk of my MINI and the headset up front - works just fine).

    Just my "keep it simple" opinion.

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    Bluetooth headsets are discussed extensively in this thread so I'm going to close this one.
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