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    can I delete the cab file after installing

    This is a very simple question, I did some quick searching but didn't find much. After transfering an application .cab file to my device and installing it can I delete the .cab file? I wasn't sure if the application still needs to file for anything.

    Thanks for your help

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    You can delete it. Personally, I leave all the .cabs for my programs on my SD card in case I need to reinstall or I have to hard reset. I mainly do this so I know what programs I had installed.

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    jadkar, Welcome to the Forum!
    Like intellax said, I would save the cab file in case it is needed. I made folders on my SD card.
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    Thanks guys!! After saving the files to the SD card was mentioned I was like ....duh, what a jackass I am!! That's obviously the best place for them.

    You know I've had my i760 for about 8 months and I haven't done anything to it. Just two days ago I decided to upgraded to WM 6.1. After doing that I got hooked on people's today screens and I realized how bad my "stock" screen was. I'm now downloading all sorts of apps and I think I like Ultimate Launcher the best (as my GUI navigator).

    Actually I saw this guy's setup (Kranzler_11) and I'm pretty much downloading what he has because his is exactly what I'm looking for. One exception was I loaded PocketWeather (he uses WeatherPanel). I liked PW until my weather icons started disappearing for no reason.

    The one I'm not too certain about is RLToday. I'm just not sure how bad I need the date and time on one line at the top. He's using RLToday just to show that. Also, I need to mess around with skinning all the individual applications together so they look like one product.

    I'll post some shots when I'm done.

    Right now I'm realizing I can waste a crap load of time with this stuff

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