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    *228 - option 1- How often?

    Hey guys,

    I never did the *228 option 1 prior to upgrading to WM 6.1. I do the option 2 about once a month or so. I was wondering, how often should I do the option 1? Whaddya think?

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    At least everytime you do a Hard reset. which for some would be a lot.

    I would say at least once per month.

    Now, depending on who you talk to. a *22899 is the same as doing a *228 1, then *228 2.

    One updates the phone, and one updates the PRL. They may have combined them into the *228 1 but again, if you've spoken with as many Wireless Data Tech support as i have. you will get different answers.

    so, at least 1 x per month is my Reccomendation.

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