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    ShoutCAST with TCPMP

    I just found a little secret out that might help out you non-satellite radio subscribers.

    If you have tcpmp (the youtube bundle) installed, you can go to shoutcast.com and stream music.

    I can imagine this is great for people that have a way to tie your car into your phone with a tape adapter and the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter or Bluetooth car radios.

    Another tip, view the shoutcast site thru skweezer and when it says that it can't process the page when you tune-in, "View the page without Skweezer" and it'll start downloading the file and open up TCPMP for listening.

    And by the way, for those of you without a car charger, there is a setting in TCPMP for hotkeys. At the bottom, you'll see "screen toggling" which will turn your screen off with the press of the button. I'd suggest the "#" key.. This will help you save on batteries.
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