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    contact not sync and other problem please help

    I have window vista 31 bits

    1. wmdc will only sync favorites and files. It will not allows me to select any other file (contacts, calendar ect..) to sync to the computer. I have tried check and uncheck the ENABLE ADVANCED NETWORK FUNCTIONALITY.

    2. I can't install any exe. file on my device. I was able to install a cab. file successfully last night.

    3. Is there a way to put a install third party software icon on the today screen?? For example s2us that I install last night. In order to lock the phone I have to go to the program menu and select it.

    4. Is there a way to backup your contacts info on your sd card??

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    Welcome to PDAPhoneHome.com. I hope you find the site as helpful and as informative as I have. If you haven't already done so, please read the FAQs. You can find a link to them in the banner at the top of the forum (the yellow banner with the red text). Also, please remember to search before posting questions. The search button is in the upper right portion of the forum.

    I can't answer your first question because I don't use Vista, and I can't answer your third question because I don't understand it.

    As to your second question, there are two ways of installing programs on a Windows Mobile device. One is to run a program (.exe file) on your PC while your WM device is connected to the PC. The .exe file then will install all necessary files to the WM device. The second way is to manually copy a .cab file from your PC to the WM device (or download the .cab file directly to the WM device) and then tap the .cab file to run the installer.

    As to your fourth question, in the root directory on your i760 you will find a file PIM.VOL. That file contains your calendar, contacts, and tasks. Using File Explorer on your i760 (or Windows Explorer on your PC while the i760 is connected to the PC), you can copy the file to your microSD card.
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