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    move email data file?

    I want to move the email data file to my memory card. How can I do this? BTW... I'm running Mobile 6.1?

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    In 6.1, you can store attachments on the card via an option in the messaging interface. With any inbox open:


    I am not positive what it will do regarding existing attachments...I always set this prior to creating the email relationship (for instance, after a hard reset).

    To store actual email on the card takes a registry hack. I have not tried it on 6.1 (and actually stopped using it in 6.0 since it's the attachments that take up all the room). My records show the hack to be:

    add “PropertyPath” value=”\Storage Card\Mail” datatype=”string”

    As with all things of this type, no guarantees. My personal advice is to allow email to stay in phone memory and let the messaging application manage the attachments onto the card. Avoid the registry hack approach unless absolutely necessary.

    Good luck!

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    I'll also add a reminder that microSD is slow, at least slower than what's in the i760's internal memory. Thus, you might notice a considerable sluggishness if you move the inbox file to the mSD card.
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