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    Vista 64-bit. Sync, modem, Upgrade?

    I'm just about to get a brand new i760. I've actually been happy with the i730, but my new employer said "move your phone number to our plan and pick out a phone if you want one".

    Needless to say, I figured why not upgrade and sell the i730 on ebay.

    In any event, I'm just wondering if anyone is using the i760 with Vista x64. I use the i730 on it just fine, but it's also running WM2003 so I'm not sure if there's any concerns.

    Does it have 64-bit modem driver?

    Can i perform the Win6.1 upgrade on vista64?

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    I'm using the i760 w/ a Vista Ult 64 laptop. Syncs fine. However, I did the WM6.1 upgrade on an old XP desktop, as I had read all the horror stories about trying the upgrade via Vista. Don't know about the modem driver.

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    You can't perfom the update on vista64, but there is a 64 bit modem driver.

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