I've read a bunch of the reviews on here, and I have searched for these specific ones but I cant seem to find anything about them.
  1. Anyone used this silicone case? It looks like the design is practical and usable even if not pretty:
    Samsung i760 Black Silicone Case : (5 Star Rating) Google Checkout available.

  2. How does this compare to the Seidio case? It looks very similar and says that it's "rubberized" but is also extremely inexpensive. Might be worth the $6 just to see.
    Clip On Rubber Coated Case w/ Belt Clip for Samsung SCH-i760, Black

  3. How is this cradle? It is also very inexpensive, but seems to do everything I want it to.
    Premium Multi Function Cradle for Samsung i760

  4. Are the BoxWave "CearTouch" protectors still considered the best? or has the rest of the market caught up?

  5. Other than the $30 Seidio holsters, are their any other "Screen In" holsters for the 760? I cant seem to find any.