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    Windows Media Player usage issues

    I'm having trouble getting Windows Media Player to work in a convenient manner. I mainly use it to listen to podcasts in the car. The problem is that every time I turn the phone off to get out of the car WMP resets the playhead of the file I was listening to. I also have to go and bring back up my storage card library every time. Is there a way to have it remember your place when you turn off the device? Or is there a better app for listening to podcasts?

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    I highly recommend MortPlayer - PocketPCFreeware : MortPlayer 3.31 b69 (RC8.1)

    I use it for the same purpose (listening to Podcasts/Audio Books). MortPlayer essentially sits on top of WMP and ads features and functionality. MP will save the last track played and will save your spot in that file so you can pick right back up again where you left off.

    It runs fine from your SD card. It also has skins with Car Screens with big buttons for easy use (in the car). I'm attaching a great Vista-style skin qVista (there's also a nice iPhone skin I'll throw in - I use the standard Night skin as it has soft-key support and is very useful, but not pretty).
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