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    Help! I can't seem to modify outlook email account!!!

    This problem seems to be new to wm 6.1. I cannot seem to modify email polling options on the outlook account. I use GMAIL for my enail and wirelesssync for maintaing a backup of my contacts and schedule. I entered in my email account options when setting up wirelesssync on the phone but cannot get back to the menu that allows you to adjust how often sync occurs if at all. If I go to the activesyc settings and de-select email as a sync option... it just re-selects itself after soft reset. I don't want outlook polling for my email...just GMAIL

    Any insight would be appreciated!
    Samsung i760

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    Interesting...I am not sure of your configuration, but I use GMAIL as well but not via Activesynch (I do use Activesynch for my Exchange email)...I let the mail client itself handle the synch to GMAIL. This may not work for you, but from any portion of the mail client (inbox, for instance), Menu>Tools>Options>scroll to the right account and select>Send/Receive Schedule.

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