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    Won't play videos?

    Yeah i just got my samsung i760. Im facing alot of problems, for one i download a theme and says copy the cab file, when i extract the theme its just a bunch of files in a folder. Next i got pocketsnes working but not enough buttons.

    Now i had 2 AVI movie files, i converted both to 3g2 (700mb to 100-150mb). I can locate them but when i select play, windows media player opens, "opening" pops up than it just closes and goes back to the today screen.

    Any tips?

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    I think you want TCPMP to play your videos. Also, 3g2 isn't necessary. With TCPMP you can play AVI MP4 etc. etc.

    Copying from another thread:

    If you wanted to try it I'd install it from one of these two sources from XDA which has all the plugins and codecs you'll need included.

    UPDATE - TCPMP for WM6.1 Sleuth & other 3.02 & 3.03 Versions 02/13/08 - xda-developers

    TCPMP new VS2008 builds for WM6.1 with FLV built in - xda-developers

    You most definitely need to convert your files before playing them on your i760. The i760 does not have the processing power to play the full-sized video files.

    Try the previous suggestion or Super or MediaCoder
    SUPER © .
    Super has a default PocketPC setting that tends to work well.

    I'm attaching my settings for MediaCoder (you just unzip them and load the settings from within MediaCoder). Makes a nice small XVID.
    MediaCoder - more than a universal audio/video transcoder

    *actually playing with a few settings and I remembered I had this - if you use the PDA settings it works fantastic. Couldn't be easier.

    PocketDivXEncoder Download - Softpedia

    This actually puts out a fantastic video file for TCPMP - it just doesn't convert EVERYTHING like the others
    Also, it doesn't require an install! I cranked the Video and Audio Quality all the way up (using sliders) and it puts out a great video.

    Guide for use: DVD / AVI / MP4 -> TO Pocket PC XviD using PocketDivXEncoder - VideoHelp.com

    *tip choose to rotate the video - improves performance HOWEVER choose the opposite of what you want - for some reason it reverses on the i760.
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