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    Reinstall wm 6.1 ?

    Rather than burying this in a 5 page thread on wm 6.1, I figured a new one would be better.

    I tried a search but found nothing on this, that doesn't mean it isn't out there, just that I couldn't find it?

    If you suspect a bad upgrade to wm 6.1, how do you re do it?

    Every installer I have tried says it does not support a reinstall and that my phone already has been upgraded............

    I am trying to get rid of the following bugs:

    random menu selections happen without touching the phone at all

    failure to send or receive text messages, yet it shows new messages in my in box

    failure to synch with ActivSync. It says it is synchronizing but never does.

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    it definately won;t let you reload 6.1. I tried also. Your best bet is probably calling verizon and trying to get a replacement.

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    Have you tried a hard reset?

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    I seem to recall the i730 guys (superdave, mrailing, etc) figured out a way to reload the WM5 upgrade.. you might want to search that forum for that procedure. I don't know if it would work but the installers look similar so it might be worth a shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrpacs View Post
    Have you tried a hard reset?

    It seems ridiculous that you couldn't reload an OS. I wonder how it authenticates what you are running now. If it's just an entry in the registry that should be easy to change, but I somehow doubt it will be that simple.
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    Yes, I recently did two more hard resets and that has helped quite a bit.

    I haven't seen any random / phantom menu selections since doing the double hard resets.

    I tracked down the Activsync problem to ZoneAlarm. It was working with the original OS of WinMobil but not with this one. If I turn of ZoneAlarm and reconnect (must reconnect) it works fine. I am pretty sure some settings in Zone will fix that.

    I am still having problems with text messaging but that looks like it might be the service here as my son is also having problems sending text on his Razr.

    So, if the text message deal is a service related issue (Verizon rolled out EVDO only a few weeks ago here and it is kind of buggy still) I am getting sustained 1.2 to 1.4 meg down and 95k to 240k uploads on my laptop through the Samsung using PDA.net!

    As long as the phantom menu selections don't show up again, it is now stable. I would still be interested in finding out if there is some way to do a re-install of WM 6.1. It would also be nice if you could go back to the original OS. I think I would end up doing that if I find any more problems in the future. The only reason I did the upgrade was to get the hi capacity memory card ability. I had the patch installed but I THOUGHT I would prefer having it in the OS......
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