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    Exclamation Is it possible to have multiple email accounts??

    I have a huge problem and I'm wondering if there's a solution.

    I have wireless sync and I'm syncing my home email / calander / contact / etc (basically all of Outlook). Everything works perfectly.

    The issue is now my job needs me to recieve email all the time and I am faced with either changing my sync capabilites to work (thus losing home email) or getting a second device like a blackberry.

    So the question is..... Is there an application out there that can handle two diffferent email accounts. I want to basically have the ability to switch between work and home. I am open to the posibility of loading a whole new mail / sync solution and having wireless sync handle home and program "x" handing work. I guess I would have two of everything, but if I have to I don't mind.

    I find it hard to believe with all the executives out there that nobody has ever needed to sync two different mail accounts.

    If anyone has any info on this is would be greatly appreciated as I maybe stuck with carrying two bricks


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    I have my i760 doing email for 3 total accounts. First, some basic settings of mine:

    1) I use my work Exchange/OWA as my primary container for calendar and contacts

    2) I do not use VZW wireless sync for anything

    With that, what I have is one email configuration for my work Exchange...it syncs email, calendar, and contacts (via MS Activesync), either OWA or tethered; I do not have it sync anything from the desktop...all is exclusively from the server. I also have two POP/IMAP email accounts that also synch, but mail only.

    I'm not sure if that maps well enough to what you are wanting to do, but all I did was first configure for my work Exchange/OWA and then add the POP/IMAP accounts...they all get stored in separate "mailboxes" on the i760, so they don't intermingle. The easiest way to add new accounts into the i760 interface is to launch the initial Messaging application -- simplest way to do that is to slide open the keyboard and hit the envelope key at the top left. That will list the accounts, with "Setup E-Mail" as the last one.

    If you are using VZW wireless sync, then I am of no assistance since I never use that for anything.


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    if you use pc sync just add your work account to outlook with the password and both accounts will be pushed to your phone.

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    What do you mean by PC Sync? basically I have the wireless sync client running at home on my desktop so it will sync my home email (everything, calendar, contacts, etc). At work I have Lotus notes and I need it to sync wirelessly as well.

    So I need two wireless syncd' emails accounts.

    Hope that makes more sense.

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