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    Just got a BT-359 HELP

    I just got a BT-359. I am having issues getting it to work. I bought it off EBAY. I did not get the manual or disk. I DL the manual form internet but I am having issues with the test utility device says "not a pc pocket application" ok I am stumped. I also don't see the GPS connecting. The phone says it connected but the flashing blue light never shows connection. anybody using this with this phone? What com port do I use? Any advice would be great!

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    Use Com8 and configure it in the BT properties on your phone.

    If that BT-359 is from Globalsat, they have a program that is specialized for the PPC and PC that lets you hard boot the GPS. I would suggest this mostly because sometimes those things can hang up and never find the satellites. You can hard boot it by taking the battery out for 10 minutes or hit the button in the software.

    Anyway, the GPS app is called "GPS Info"

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