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    I think rlToday was causing problems with my display. Are there any alternatives?

    For the past couple on months I have been experiencing a strange issue with the colors on my screen. Sometimes the screen colors would get all out of wack, adding a strong green contrast to the everything. Thinking it was a hardware issue, I tried to get verizon to replace it, but every time I went into the store, the color contrast issue would not be taking place.

    Since I was not getting anywhere with verizon, I decided to try some other stuff. I decided to uninstall all my added apps one at a time to see if any of them were causing the problem. About two weeks ago, I uninstalled rlToday which I used to add quick launch buttons to the today screen. I am pretty sure rlToday was causing the problem as I have not experienced the problem since!!

    Anyway I was wondering if there were any alternatives to rlToday I could use? Specifically, I just want to have some quick launch buttons on the today screen.


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    iLauncher is EXCELLENT, but not free.

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    iLauncher was good, but i just didnt enjoy the speed of the program. i did a hard reset and reinstalled just iLauncher, and still got slow responses. if i had to choose one to have i would go with it, but, i dont have to have one so i choose to have what it came with. once you install wireless sync you get buttons on home screen for missed calls, text, mms, email, so im happy

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    UltimateLaunch - it supports multiple tabs as well as today plugins.


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