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    Contacts problem

    So I upgraded to 6.1...

    And I restored my settings and files using Sprite Backup. It took a while, but finally my contacts list reappeared, although my texts disappeared forever. But now I have a problem-- incoming calls and texts don't correspond with their contacts. I got a call from my brother and it just said his phone number-- even though it's already programed on the phone. I tried calling from my house line, same thing. Just the number appeared. If I try to edit the contacts, i get an error message saying "An unexpected problem has occurred". Well, thank you for telling me that, phone. What was the problem and how do I fix it? Grrrr.

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    When you say you "reinstalled settings and files," did that include all of the OS files? I suspect that the restore might be your culprit. If that included any files in the OS with a version upgrade on the phone, you may have broken something.

    Personally, when I do a ROM update, I never restore anything from backup except PIM data. I'll reinstall all apps and resync files to the phone manually. Try doing that after a hard reset - your phone may get better.

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    Full system restores should definately not be performed between different operating systems.

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