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    Suddenly a whole host of problems

    Hey guys, so things were working really well for a while. Didn't change anything.

    Then yesterday, I went to find google maps and it wasn't in my directory. The phone jammed, and I was forced to pull the battery.

    When it came back on it seemed like a hard reset - had to recalibrate the touch screen. My preferences were gone.

    Later the phone froze again, and when I restarted, my contacts were gone. Ouch. So I updated with my Outlook.

    Now internet explorer is saying "the address is not valid" for all addresses and my screen is not always turning back on...

    any thoughts? this is a real pain.

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    Sounds like something got corrupt, and the phone reset.. but not completely. Have you tried doing another hard reset to make sure any bad settings have been flushed out? BTW are you running on WM 6.1 or 6.0?
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