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    Stuffbak is worth it?

    Have a go at this mates!

    StuffBak is a service that makes it easy for consumers and businesses to confidentially link important mobile assets to an international 24/7/365 recovery network. When a StuffBak-labeled item is found, the registered owner is immediately contacted by phone and email. StuffBak facilitates a speedy recovery and always thanks the finder.
    * Easy for owners

    Select from a smartly designed collection of ID labels and tags, activate the owner ID number(s), and relax. Lifetime registration and 2-year recovery benefits are included with all retail products. Enhanced service coverage is recommended for the best value and protection.

    When your item is found, you'll be contacted right away. We encourage you to use StuffBak’s website to maintain personal inventory records, keep your contact information current, report a loss, and offer an extra reward.
    * Easy for finders, too

    Finders are motivated to return lost property because StuffBak's system is simple, convenient, confidential, cost-free, and rewarding. They simply call a toll-free number or go online and report the item’s owner number. StuffBak arranges for a courier pickup or directs them to a nearby drop-off center. They don't have to pack a box or pay for shipping. Once the property is returned to the owner, finders receive StuffBak's standard $20-value product reward, plus any cash reward offered by the owner.
    * 24 / 7 Service Center

    StuffBak’s call center is manned 24/7/365 to facilitate recoveries. No matter when or where an item is found, StuffBak is ready to bridge the gap and bring it safely home.
    * Low-Cost Protection

    You can order StuffBak labels for as little as $4.95 each. Additionally, StuffBak provides quantity discounts and an automatic registration.
    * Safe and Private

    StuffBak’s service safeguards owner identity. Personal and/or business information is kept safe and private. Anonymity can be maintained throughout the return process. Owners don’t need to meet with strangers or reveal contact information.
    * Designed for today’s mobile world

    We’ve yet to encounter a mobile device we couldn’t protect! StuffBak labels fit neatly on almost anything that's valuable to you and vulnerable to getting lost.
    StuffBak - Protect Your Mobile Assets

    Thanks, JASTECH
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    Well, my initial thought is that its a good idea. I have actually had a run in with stuffbak about a year ago (maybe a little shorter) when I found someones pda. However, the problem here in lies as to the fact that if some regular person finds this phone/pda/device and thinks humanly, they know that either they found something real cool and will keep it, or they will pawn it off to some other random poor schmuck who doesnt know any better and will make a profit off of it. Thats why I back up data and just use insurance.

    If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me, or email me on my personal account. nathan.burlison@gmail.com
    Also, please feel free to call me at my store anytime, (314) 291-8699. Just ask for me.


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    it came free with the purchase of my protective skin, so I said eh why not.

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    Personally, I'd prefer to spring for insurance. The service here doesn't provide any guarantee of a lost item being returned or provide any provisions for replacing it if it doesn't come back. If someone finds your phone and is going to be a good human, then simply putting your name and phone number on a sticker that you attach to the device is likely to get the same result. Why pay for it?

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